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Blog Posts

April 3, 2017
Nick Meeder

What to Do if Your Job Drains You

  You know what really sucks? Working for a company that drains the life out of you everyday.   But, how do you change that?   You must become the change you seek. In order to be the change you seek, you must stop being a follower and start being a leader. And who are

November 28, 2016
Nick Meeder

How the Distraction of Social Media Destroys Your Ability to Have Happiness, Solve Problems, and Achieve Your Goals.

There are many people I look up to who have achieved a level of success that I desire. Maybe they built a business, have a personal brand, an awesome product or service, or have a positive influence over people.   One thing that I struggle with that they have learned to overcome to some degree is

May 25, 2016
Nick Meeder

Why God Wants You to Stay at a Job You Hate

It is easy to run away from pain. However, if you run from pain, you will not grow and become stronger. If a caterpillar is to hatch and become a butterfly, it must go through the struggle of breaking free from the cocoon. A bird hatching from an egg will die if it is helped

May 18, 2016
Nick Meeder

Why Suffering is a Great Teacher

Your internal thinking and disposition will determine what you do in any given situation. The key, therefore, is to become wise. Wisdom is granted and given by God. He is the owner of it and by it he established the universe (Prov. 8). Those who are wise understand that suffering is a great teacher. For

May 11, 2016
Nick Meeder

Perspective: How Did You Get to Where You Are Today?

If you want a better life, then you must understand how you got to where you are today. Few people actually, really know how they got to where they are. Why is this? It is because the majority of people do not know how they make decisions. I once thought I knew how to make