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Blog Posts

August 31, 2014
Nick Meeder

Be Faithful in the Little Things

Too often we want the promotion or the business to grow now. Few things, though, ever happen right now. Consistently being faithful and responsible in the small things that you do now will determine where you go, or the promotion in the future. I used to be critical of the company and my managers that

August 24, 2014
Nick Meeder

How Perfectionism can Ruin Your Performance as an HVAC Technician

Perfectionism is a horrible trait to have, yet necessary to do good work.  It keeps me from finishing projects and taking action. I get so caught up in the details that I stall and it keeps me from getting the bigger things done. Recently, I replaced a compressor in a condenser and I found myself

August 17, 2014
Nick Meeder

Let’s Go!

Well, in an effort to help those out in the world of HVAC technicians, business owners, and leaders, I am starting this blog to help bring more valuable content to the market. I am doing this because I am a leader and desire to help others in the same field or interest become better. I