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Blog Posts

April 6, 2016
Nick Meeder

1 Simple Shift to Effectively Change

Have you ever wanted to change, but every time you tried, it didn’t stick? Have you ever been frustrated because it seems that no matter how hard you’ve tried, you haven’t reached the goal you wanted to? Does it make you question if you have what it takes to change? Do you wonder if you’ve

March 30, 2016
Nick Meeder

What to Do if You’re Angry at Your Spouse

“Why do we have to do it in one day? Why can’t we do it a little at a time?,” Kate said while we were discussing when we’d have a family meeting. I had wanted to schedule one for a while and I know that if it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t happen. However, that

March 23, 2016
Nick Meeder

Overcome Depression and Find Your Purpose!

Ever find yourself feeling depressed or frustrated with where you are in life? Your life just doesn’t feel happy or satisfying. Maybe you don’t have the job you wanted, or the spouse you wanted, or the income you wanted, or the car, or the children, or the house, etc? Do you often wonder what you

March 16, 2016
Nick Meeder

Whose Plan Are You Living?

Are you living the life you were meant to live? What are you living for? Why are you living? What do you want to do? I find that some people are fine not knowing the answers to these questions. That’s fine, you can make that decision. However, I’ve found, personally, that I want to know

March 9, 2016
Nick Meeder

How to Easily Achieve Your Goal (The Power of Steam)

  I saw a book recently that was titled, “212º: The Extra Degree.” The idea behind the title is that at 211º Fahrenheit water is very hot. However, at 212º F water will turn to steam, and steam can power a train. So the premise goes that just as one degree is the difference between