Gain clarity. Discover your purpose.

Are you living your purpose? Is your life clear and peaceful?

If you are looking for a process to discover the answers to the above questions, then LifePlan may be right for you.

LifePlan will not fix your life. It will begin your journey to understand and tell your story in God's story.

God said, "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope." The word "prosper" in Hebrew is "shalom". Many Americans know "shalom" to mean "peace". But in Jeremiah 29:11 it carries this connotation: "May you be everything God created you to be." LifePlan is the beginning of your journey to discover God's shalom for you.

LifePlan is not easy, it is extremely hard, yet it yields the fruit of righteousness and truth.

LifePlan is for you if you’re looking to know your God given purpose and core talents to use in the life you’ve been given.

Clarity is not gained through a short session. It is gained through process.

"Come unto Me all you who are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

The path that Jesus calls you to walk in following Him is never easy, but it yields the most peaceful and rewarding fruit if you do. LifePlan is a process, a tool, that guides you to align your entire life to follow the path God has for your life, to follow Jesus.

LifePlan is a process designed to reveal the truth of your life, that you might gain clarity and live into the path God is calling you to - the path of transcendence and surrender in spiritual and relational harmony with Jesus Christ.

Do you want a deeper awareness of the Holy Spirit’s leading in your life?

Do you want a richer and vibrant relationship with Jesus?

Do you want a life lived full of God’s love?


This is what a deeper, richer, and fuller life looks like…

Each day that you wake up is a day accepting the love of God into your life. You sense His calling and love each moment as you live and do your activities each day. You’ve surrendered your desires and narrative for His desires and meta narrative. You actively seek Him in your thoughts and heart, asking for guidance and promptings when you wake up, shower, dress, go to work, work, and come home. While at work, He guides you, every email you send, each meeting you sit in, every conversation you have isn’t marked with an underlying drive or angst for what other people might be thinking about you. Instead, your demeanor and interactions with people is marked with patients and love because you are accepted as you are and you accept others as they are.

“Until a person accepts the fact that God loves him as much as He loves His only Son, Jesus, that God sent His Son that we might be saved and restored, a person cannot fully accept himself. Until he accepts himself, he remains his own jailer. A tape will continually play in his heart, "guilty as charged." He will continue to be shackled by his own self criticism. Heaping condemnation on himself. He will continue to seek out and pursue his own justification. To give himself value that he does not believe he has. It is a vicious cycle. The only end to that cycle is when he says, "I am a sinner in need of a Savior, and I accept Jesus as my savior.” - Tom Paterson

“What occupies the mind becomes what occupies time. Thinking, beliefs, and attitudes give rise to external behaviors. What we rehearse internally, eventually erupts and displays itself externally. I frequently meet people who believe that practice makes perfect. It does not. Imperfect practice produces great error. Only perfect practice leads to perfect mastery. If we continue to practice mental, emotional, or spiritual error, we will continue to live in error.” - Tom Paterson


What is a LifePlan?


It is a proven process developed by Tom Paterson to find the strategic 30,000 foot view of why you exist and then create a strategy and next actions to achieve, maintain, and evaluate your purpose. (To learn more about Tom Paterson or the LifePlan process, click HERE)


It's a back-to-back two day event where you gain perspective through process. Your life is the content and I simply help to guide you. As the content of your life surfaces, we sift the soil of your life and search for the gold nuggets of truth which emerge that point to God's work and calling in your life. He knows you and has a deep compassionate heart full of mercy, grace, steadfast love and faithfulness for you. His plans are the best for you and that is the desired outcome - to discover His plan for you.


We break the whole of your life into five life domains: personal, family, vocation, faith and community. Though your life is a whole, as a person, there are parts, and in LifePlan the five life domains are how it is divided to see what parts are holding you back, what needs changed, added, or clarified in each.


I will guide you through 15 to 19 modules over two days that will help you discover the clarity you seek, your purpose for succeeding, and the fulfillment and abundance you desire.


On day one of your LifePlan, you come to my place and we have breakfast together before starting your LifePlan. We will start at 8am and after breakfast begin your LifePlan. Lunch and dinner will also be provided on day one, breaking during the day for each meal. We will attempt to end day one around 5pm and have dinner. Before leaving, I will most likely assign some homework for you to complete that night before coming back for day two.


On day two, you come back over at 8am. We'll talk about any more learnings you had after going home that night (day one is intense and much perspective is gained) before heading into day two. Day two is usually a lot of fun because you're now in perspective of your past, what has made you who you are, the turning points in your life, and where you now stand today. Day one is like taking apart your life, and day two is putting all of the pieces that God has put in you, back together to see the mosaic that He is crafting. At the end of day two you will know your purpose, the vision of where you're going to go and grow over the next time period God has for you. You will have a list of next actions to keep obstacles from hindering you in achieving your vision and purpose in life. You will have a way to gauge the health of the things which cause you to accelerate in life so that you head towards your vision and purpose. With the things that hinder you (brake pedals) out of the way and your accelerators (gas pedal) fully pressed down, you will be able to make strides towards your life vision.


How do I know that LifePlan is right for me? Answer "yes" or "no" to the following questions:


  • Are you looking for clarity in your life's mission?
  • Do you need more balance and control in your life?
  • Do you want to feel like you're making a contribution to the world each and every day?
  • Are there a lot of things you could do, but you want to know what you must do?
  • Are you looking for a clear vision of your future?
  • In addition to that vision, do you want a plan to get there?
  • Are you desperate for real focus in life, one filled with passion and purpose?
  • Are you desiring to live out your core values?
  • Do you desire to make an impact when you discover your life purpose and make it a reality through LifePlan?


If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then LifePlan is for you.


Talk to me about LifePlan




How is it that you can help me to find my purpose, as opposed to someone else (a life coach or something)?


  1. In the LifePlan process, it is through perspective that someone discovers their life purpose. What is perspective? Perspective is climbing to a mountain peak so that the lay of the land can be observed. You look at certain terrain through binoculars to get a closer in-depth detail of what obstacles may lie ahead. This might be what will hinder you from progressing and growing in the future and can shed light on why you may currently be stuck in an aspect of life. You cannot chart a course while in the valley of everyday life, whether in your career, family, church, or community. Too often, people never hit the "pause" button in life long enough to really know where they are in life or how they got there. As a result, they are disoriented, confused, oscillating between emotions, making surface level decisions, always reacting instead of responding, and so life feels like one colossal, chaotic ball of tangles. What is even more scary is that people learn to live in that chaos and begin to call it "normal." When this happens, they never find true joy, freedom, meaning, and contentment in life because, ultimately, they never discovered who they are.
  2. A life coach is more than likely going to tell you what to do with your life. They will not take the time to chart your life story and get to know who you are. In the LifePlan process, I am a guide. A guide knows where to go, knows how to ask the right questions to bring out truth.


What qualifies you?

  1. I believe that the results from the fruit of my LifePlan speak for me. Personally, I have become a strong and confident leader of myself, my wife, and several people close to me. I've grown so deep in my relationship with God as I've discovered Him as my Father and not a punisher for all my failures and shortcomings. This has allowed me to stop self-sabotaging in my decision making when I felt rejected or not good enough at work or in my marriage. I don't relate to people or God disfunctionally any more. I understand what good and healthy boundaries are. I gaze at the face of God because I want to be more like Him.
  2. In my family, Kate and I do not argue (like at all). More than anything we've become a team. I delight in her beauty as she grows and blossoms in her own LifePlan. Have you ever seen something beautiful and been so captivated by it that you simply stare to take it in? I do that with my wife consistently. She brings me and our house so much good, and not because she's trying to earn mine or anyone else's praise. She is confident, secure, tender, loving, graceful, beautiful, lovely, and hard working. She, from her LifePlan, has also become more of a Proverbs 31 kind of woman. Her worth is far above rubies and diamonds. She takes care of the house. Clutter and disorganization will rob you of creativity and feelings of freedom. Before our LifePlans, our house was a reflection of our internal thoughts and motivations, but no longer. I enjoy my wife as I've discovered her beauty and unique personality. We laugh, have deep conversations, communicate well, and are headed in the same direction for the vision of our family.
  3. In my career, I see it now as my vocation or calling instead of a necessary evil. I have found joy and fulfillment in applying my unique talents and heart that my LifePlan fleshed out. 70% of the US workforce say that they aren't happy or being used to their full potential in their work. That's incredible! Especially when you will spend almost a third of your entire life working. So few are alive in their work with passion, zeal, and gusto. Their hearts are dormant like a cold volcano and their skills and talents atrophy away from being locked in the attic of cobwebs and fear. I no longer work for men, but for the Lord Christ because ultimately He is my employer. This has caused me to find new meaning, purpose, and joy because I have an opportunity to serve His children with my skills, talents, gifting, and heart.
  4. In my social life I've found how to give people grace and love them for who they are and not who they aren't. I'm discovering what healthy good relationships are.


What sets your system apart from the plethora of self-help services currently available.

  1. What makes LifePlan unique is that it is based in perspective through process. Those terms probably don’t mean anything to you because it is terminology that only I really understand because of how LifePlan works. So, to describe what process and perspective are is this: We live in a culture that is so fast paced and reactionary that no one hits the pause button on life long enough to truly understand where they are, how they got to where they are, and where they even want or need to go. Most people live in crisis, at least most high performers do. So, perspective is the ability to climb up to a mountain peak. From this peak you are able to appreciate the beauty, see the lay of the land as it really is, the path you’ve already come, and the landscape ahead that you’ll have to travel. From this mountain peak, you can craft a plan and chart a course of travel to get to your destination. So in LifePlan of 5 to 20 years of where you want to go to fulfill your purpose in life. This leads to the second term, process. ‘Now that I kinda understand perspective, how are we going to get perspective of my life?’ The answer to that is by a process. What is process and why is it important? Process is moving from one point to the next, with each step building upon the others, adding to the overall character of what is being created. So, think of an oak tree. At some point it was an acorn. It had to undergo a process of changing from one form to another, sprouting and establishing roots. Then, it also wasn’t very tall; it was short and weak. It had to develop strength and as it grew and developed. Think also of building a house. you have to dig and prepare the land. You must lay a foundation. Then, you must build on that foundation, and if any of these steps are out of order, the house will not be sturdy. There’s obviously more to that, but you get the concept.
  2. So, in the LifePlan process, each module builds on the other helping an individual see the perspective of where he is in life, how he got to where he is, and where he should go.
  3. ALSO, I'm going to share a little secret with you: self-help doesn’t actually work. You can’t help yourself out of your patterns that hold you back and move you into success. However, you are responsible for yourself; you will be held accountable for what you say, think, feel, and do. You may be asking yourself, 'But wait, isn't there a paradox here? How can I not change myself, but yet be responsible and accountable for all that I do?' Let me explain, you cannot change yourself by yourself, but you are responsible for yourself. You change, in great effect, by those you allow to influence you. Nothing within a closed system can happen until a new catalyst or energy is brought in from the outside into the closed system. When this happens, then the closed system can change and grow. You are exactly the same. You need outside sources of influence to help you change. When you allow someone to influence you, especially over time, you begin to internalize the way they think, act, speak, and feel. As you internalize these things, your belief system adapts along with it, and from your belief system comes everything. But, you cannot change yourself by yourself. You are responsible to go find the outside source of energy that you need to create the necessary change you're seeking. Then, you're responsible to implement it and make it become part of you. That's why relationships are so powerful. You are the sum of the five closest people to you. Therefore, it's imperative to connect deeply with those around you who are growing and accept you as you are, love you unconditionally, but also graciously hold you to a higher standard. If you are a Christian, this is exactly why we are to know God and be known by Him. This only happens when we come into His presence and gaze into Him. Then something happens. We will be exposed for what and who we really are. This is where most people will run and hide for fear of the shame and wretchedness they find in themselves because God reveals it all. However, there's an alternate choice. You can trust God, His Son, Jesus Christ, and ask Him to transform you into His likeness. And as you do this consistently, you begin to internalize who He is, what He does, how He acts, and how He feels and then it becomes part of who you are in your heart - your belief system - and it transforms everything in your outer world to where you're producing fruit for life, truth, and life for the glory of God, for apart from Him, you can do nothing.


What is the format? Is it online or in person?

  1. It is in person, one-on-one.


Is it a class or more of a consulting type operation? Or all the above?

  1. It is more of a consulting type operation in which you will walk away with the truth of your life on flip charts


Are you personally generating the literature and course material or will you be mixing and matching from your personal library?

  1. For LifePlan, the process has already been developed, refined, and implemented by a very talented man named Tom Paterson. I am authorized to use his copyrighted materials.


What effects would clarity and purpose have on my life? 

  1. Clarity and purpose would produce great decision making in your life, which in turn produces feelings of happiness, achievement, fulfillment, etc. You are where you are in life because of the people you’ve allowed to influence and shape you, and by the story you rehears in your mind about your past. These things make up your belief system. You make decisions based on your belief system. So, if you gain clarity on your past and influencers, while also discovering your purpose, it completely changes the trajectory of your life.


What would I be getting (that sounds selfish) from this?

  • Primarily, you would be finding the best and strongest life possible. 


How does this change the status quo?

  • If you understand the above statements and the testimony of how my life has changed, then you start to get a picture of how this TOTALLY changes the status quo.


This picture is to give you some idea of what you'll get at the end of your two days with me. You will have up to 19 charts of the truth of your life.

Talk to me about LIFEPLAN