Why God Wants You to Stay at a Job You Hate

May 25, 2016 Nick Meeder No comments exist

It is easy to run away from pain. However, if you run from pain, you will not grow and become stronger. If a caterpillar is to hatch and become a butterfly, it must go through the struggle of breaking free from the cocoon. A bird hatching from an egg will die if it is helped out of its egg instead of having to struggle out of the egg. If you run from your pain, anger, frustration, hurt, sadness, or depression, you will never grow. You will die. You will keep repeating the same patterns in life and never move on or rise above.
You must learn to battle your bad attitudes towards your job, employer, or bosses. You must choose to submit to those in authority over you. Choose to do good and not let other people or your circumstances set your mood or attitude.

God knows that your faith is of more value than purified gold. He wants your faith to become more refined and pure. This only happens in the trials and the suffering as you submit and surrender yourself to God and do good instead of evil.

Focus on doing all the good you can do now in your present job. Find the opportunities for growth and exploit them as if you are working for the Lord.

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