Why Suffering is a Great Teacher

May 18, 2016 Nick Meeder No comments exist


Your internal thinking and disposition will determine what you do in any given situation. The key, therefore, is to become wise.

Wisdom is granted and given by God. He is the owner of it and by it he established the universe (Prov. 8).

Those who are wise understand that suffering is a great teacher. For in suffering the dross will surface and then can be removed, but only if you allow it.

I’ve observed people, when suffering from trials, try to hold onto the dross which surfaces from their life (that is, who they are and what they look to for fulfillment and salvation). For some odd reason, people fight to hold onto what they love. I suppose this is because when you identify who you are with what you love, and the thing that you love is being removed (the dross), the only natural disposition is to fight to hold onto that which gives you meaning and purpose.

Those who are wise have set Christ as the object of their love, for He can never be taken away. He is the ultimate realization of who an individual is and who God is. Christ is also the ultimate example of who we are to follow and become like. Christ suffered in the flesh, in order that he might learn submission and obedience to the Father (Phil 2:5-11, Heb 5:7-9, 12:1-11).

Let your suffering be a great instructor, for God is drawing out what He wants you to surrender in obedience to Him.

What dross is surfacing from your life? Are you holding on to it, or are you ready to become wise?




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